Free as in…

“Free Locksmith Service with Mail in Rebate!”

Many Insurance Companies Pay You Back For Automotive Locksmith Service

Typically our technicians can arrive faster and service can be completed more quickly when we work directly with you instead of through your insurance company.

We work closely with insurance companies nationwide to provide you a complete service that many times can include reimbursement of our locksmith fees.

You do have to pay us up front for the service, but we will email or fax a copy of the receipt over to your insurance agent or insurance company for your reimbursement!*

We cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed.
Typically, drivers insured by most major insurance companies are eligible to be reimbursed in the event they have to pay out of pocket for a lockout, tire change, or jump start if that service would normally be covered by their policy. Your experience may be different.
We are an independent provider not directly affiliated with any of the other companies mentioned on this page.
Please understand not everyone will be eligible for this service.

Eligibility is determined by your insurance policy and your insurance company. Please speak to them with regards to reimbursement for out of pocket service costs for locksmith services

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