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Tips for Picking reputable Alabama Locksmiths

What’s the sure fire way to select reputable Alabama locksmiths? Consider researching Alabama locksmiths before you need one.  The same way you would a plumber, electrician, or other professional. That works well if you’re looking to have some security work done at your home, like installing deadbolts on the exterior doors of your house, or a safe in your bedroom. But if you’re dealing with an emergency things can be different. Situations like being locked out of your car, you really don’t have much time for thorough research. Regardless of whether you are locked out of your car or home, you need new locks installed, or you require other security work, the FTC offers these tips to help you hire legitimate, local Alabama locksmiths.

In Emergency Situations:

  • If you’re locked out of your car and have a roadside assistance service, call them first. These services sometimes are included with the purchase of a car, or as an add-on through your insurance company. You also can buy this service separately. Roadside assistance plans often have a list of pre-approved companies to perform services like unlocking cars, jump-starting batteries, changing flat tires, delivering gasoline, and towing.
  • Never sign a blank form authorizing work.
  • If the price the locksmith provides when he arrives doesn’t jibe with the estimate you got on the telephone, do not allow the work to be done.

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Don’t Fall Victim to a Scam!

There is NO SUCH THING as a $5, or $10 Lockout Service. Regardless whether you’re locked out of your car or out of your house. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers to ensure they enlist the services of a reputable local alabama locksmiths.

The scam works this way: An out-of-state company advertises in the phone book or on the Web using a local telephone number and local address. When the number is called, you’re connected to a call center in another city and the “local” locksmith shop isn’t at the address listed. Although you’ll be quoted a price for the service, when the locksmith arrives, he or she may want significantly more money. No matter if you’re locked out of your car or  your house, the Better Business Bureau warns consumers to ensure they enlist the services of a reputable local Alabama Locksmiths.

Beware of Locksmith Scams in Birmingham, AL

Don’t fall for the “Bait & Switch”

Unlock it For Me is a 2017 Member in Good Standing

Unlock it For Me is a 2017 Member in Good Standing with the Alabama Locksmith Association.

Each year all of our staff undergo continuing education therefore you always get the latest and greatest service available when you need it most.

If you are searching for a locksmith in Alabama then please consider us. We may not have a location directly in your area, still we would be glad to service a nearby county or city of a location we do service. Unlock it For Me locksmith service in Alabama is willing to go the extra distance to be the best locksmith available. Furthermore we strive to deliver products and services that match the consumers need and budget.