Locksmith Scam Warning

There are a lot of ad’s on the internet. Some of them can lead you to a scam. In our Birmingham, AL service location, Many companies advertise suspiciously low prices for “Locksmith Service” $19, $15, even $9.99 to have a locksmith come out. But that’s where the good deal turns sour. The technician arrives and you find out the truth behind the sales pitch. You agreed to have a locksmith come to your location for $19. Now he’s here, now you owe $19, but you you wanted him to unlock your car, that will be $50 for “labor” – What? Nearly 70 bucks for a “$19 Locksmith”. With Unlock it For Me, you receive a total cost quote over the phone, that does not increase once we arrive.

“I Googled ‘Locksmith.’ The first thing that I saw, it said $19, When the guy showed up 20 minutes later, he quoted me $165 plus the $19.”

Lindsey Kern

The locksmith gave her a quote over the phone of $40 but when he arrived he charged her $140.

“A hundred dollars to open the car, that was not talked about over the phone! Not at all,”

Shawna Becene

Consumers who are locked out of their homes or cars can be at the mercy of unethical locksmiths who quote one price over the phone, then increase the price considerably once they arrive. These tactics have been typically reported about locksmith businesses that claim to be nearby, but are actually located miles – or even states – away.

Better Business Bureau

I was in a hurry. I was tired. It was cold outside. I just wanted to go get in bed. I was actually shocked when they told me it’d be $120 versus $50.

Jarred Maxwell


  • Look for identification. Legit locksmiths will show up in a marked vehicle and provide ID.
  • Get an invoice. If you have to dispute any work later, you will have proof of what was done. Include parts, labor, mileage, service charges, as well as the business name and address.
  • Always inquire about insurance. If anything is ruined during the repair, their insurance will cover losses.
  • Pay with a credit card. It is going to be your best option, as most cards have built-in fraud protection.