Curious to know how your information will be used and protected when you do business with us?

When you initiate a phone call to any of our phone numbers this is considered a “service request.”

By initiating a service request you (The customer) agree to allow us to:

  • Record your incoming phone calls to us to ensure we provide complete and accurate service and, if necessary, prompt, professional dispute resolution.
  • Contact you via voice, e-mail, SMS, or any other contact method you may provide, regarding your requested service(s)
  • Use any contact information and location data provided by the customer solely for the purposes of completing the requested service(s)

If for some reason you cannot pay for services onsite, we may contact you no more than 3 times per business day, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm regarding payment collection until the balance has been satisfied. We will gladly work out a payment arrangement with you.

We will not retain your personal information such as name, phone number, address, etc, with exception to data required to be collected by law, third parties such as Google, or our credit card processor Square.

You can view these companies privacy policies at and respectively.

Your phone number and specific call data pertaining to the service request, such as time of day and duration of call as well as any applicable call recordings and or related data will be kept indefinitely. This type of sensitive data is stored securely on Google’s Servers.

We will not sell, rent, or publish any of your private information.

We may use information about your experience for statistical and/or marketing purposes, if we do – no personally identifiable information will be used.
Example – “We have performed over 100 Jump Starts at the Galleria in Hoover” or “We have unlocked hundreds of Fords damage free!” or “Thousands of customers love our lockout service”

When we arrive on a scene in which damage has occurred due to prior service attempts by the customer or any other person or entity not directly employed by Unlock it For Me, regardless of the reason, or when the damages occurred we will photograph said damage and may retain photos of and other data related to pre-existing damages not cause by our service, indefinitely – for our protection as well as yours.

We do not keep full credit card numbers or other sensitive data on file for our customers. Only the last 4 Digits are available for reference via a receipt number to our employees on a secure, password protected database.

All Personal Information is obscured.
Your information appears as follows:
email: you****
phone: 205-***-1234
credit card: ****-****-****-1234
This protects you in the event of a security breach at the data center level of any of our IT Partners, or if one of our technicians has a device lost or stolen

In the event that we learn of any criminal activity or pending investigation related to a service we have provided, any information available to us requested by law enforcement will be provided to law enforcement if we are presented with a warrant or subpoena.

If you have a specific question regarding a privacy concern with our credit card processing please Email Square’s Privacy Department.