Residential Locksmith Services

Whether you’re locked out, want to change your locks, or repair broken or damaged locks, you can count on Unlock It For Me’s expert, licensed locksmiths to restore access and security to your home. Our upfront pricing and 24-hour service means you can call us with confidence that your needs will be met professionally and at the best price in town, guaranteed.

      • Lock Repairs & Troubleshooting
      • Hardware Changes
      • Locks Re-Keyed
      • New Locks Installed
      • Digital Keypad Locks
      • NFC / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Deadbolts
      • One Key Fits All” Service

Lockout Service

Being locked out is never good, and always inconvenient. Our residential lockout service is affordable and available 24 hours a day. Our residential lock technicians are background checked and licensed. We can get you back in fast! Our team of professionally trained locksmiths can assess your lockout situation remotely! Saving you a service call! Just send us a picture of the lock you need opened and we will give you a quick yes or no. No guessing. By the way, we can open pretty much all residential grade lock sets. There are a couple of situations in which we may not be able to assist you, but this is rare.

Lock Re-Key Service

If you recently moved, you should consider having your locks re-keyed, regardless of whether the house was built brand new, or previously lived in, the most important question is… Who has a key?

Our residential re-key service ensures you are the only key holder. We can have all your home locks keyed alike, or if you prefer, have one door, such as an office, keyed different than the rest.

We re-key locks with or without existing keys, we repair locks and we install install fresh locks where none exist. We can help with all your home lock needs promptly, professionally, and affordably.

Have a housekeeper or baby sitter who needs a key? We can key your door with a master key and a special key just for your guests or those you want to have access to specific doors or locations.

Lock Installation and Repair

Over time locks become rusty, damaged, or just old. In addition to leaving you vulnerable, this situation can make it frustrating every time you need to enter your home. Resolving this issue can save you a lot of time and hassle. Looking to freshen up your locks with some modern, even high tech hardware? We can help! Whether you want to restore your existing locks to peak performance, or swap them out with new ones, our technicians have you covered.

lock installation with new keys

Master Keyed Lock Systems

If you are in need of a group of locks to open with one special master key we can help. Many times a property management group or rental agency would like for 1 key to be issued to maintenance and emergency on call staff. We can eliminate your need for bulky key rings. Unlock it For Me can master key your locks in your home or office to allow for one key to open all locks while retaining each locks ability to have its own key. This would be useful in the event tenants need a key to their office or unit. The tenant key will not open any door except that which is assigned to.

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