Roadside Assistance Services

Flat Tire? Car Won’t Start? Out of Gas? Not Sure?

We can help! 24 Hours a Day!

Not a Member of a National Road Club? Give Us a Call! We offer more than Just Locksmith Services!

In addition to automotive lockout services we offer:

  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Vehicle Jump Starts
  • Fuel Delivery

We will send a technician out to replace your flat tire with a good spare*, jump start your vehicle if you are having trouble starting it or if you have run out of gas we will bring you up to 2 gallons** of fuel.

We do not provide service on OVERSIZE vehicles.

No tire changes on trucks larger than an F-150 or  more than 2 Axles. Sorry No Duallys

We can jump start the Toyota Prius and other Hybrid models safely following dealer protocols.

  • Quick Response Time

  • Safe Roadside Services

Emergecy Locksmith Service

Affordable Roadside Help

Same quick response times as our locksmith service, and even lower rates!

Many roadside clubs allow motorists to secure their own service and then reimburse them. We offer quick and convnient roadside service so you don’t have a long wait for someone to arrive. We provide roadside service for many major motor clubs such as Allstate, Geico, State Farm, and many others. We offer you low rates on basic roadside services.

If you have AAA Roadside, they will pay you back for our service. State Farm customers may also be eligible for reimbursement

You don’t have to be a member of a road club to get great roadside assistance. You get the same great deals as the Auto Clubs without all the hassle or monthly fees!

*We do not deliver, or mount tires on site. In order for our technicians to assist you with your flat tire, you must have a good spare, mounted on a rim and properly inflated. We do not provide air service on site for flat tires. This is to protect you and your property, as well as our technicians.

**Our drivers are not equipped to transport large amounts of fuel, we can deliver up to 2 gallons of gasoline or diesel at a time. If for some reason you require more than 2 gallons, we will gladly travel to the closest fuel station and purchase up to 2 more gallons, a fee of $10, plus the cost of fuel, will be the responsibility of the customer and or the person who requested service.

Typically most vehicles have no issues starting with 2 gallons of fuel, if no other mechanical problems exist.