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transponder key remote program
transponder key remote program


Regarding Information Technology, a backup, or the process of backing up, is when you duplicate and archive data so that it may be used again once restored. Many folks don't know that locksmiths can do this with your house or car key. Lost key replacement can be expensive. Located inside your key is a tiny computer. Essentially comprised of a small flash chip, a capacitor and a tiny antenna, these keys talk to your vehicle each time you insert them in the lock. Speaking of Keys, you probably have at least 1 or 2 right?. Keys are a critical part of physical security. All locks and keys are unique. The cliche adage "You get what you pay for " definitely applies to the lock and key world, however. A $5 lock can provide a false sense of security. Here's some... Key tips to keep your keys safe and secure.


Getting a spare key may sound like a no-brainer. It's economical and sensible, right? Unfortunately, we've met many a customer who kept putting it off. That may seem ridiculous, however, believe it or not, a lot of people simply can't spend money they don't have. Dealerships often charge between two and five hundred dollars for even a spare car key. Getting a house key cut at a store, and making it home to find out it doesn't work is frustrating. Spare Keys from UnlockItForMe's locksmiths are always affordable and cut on site while you wait. UnlockItForMe guarantees fit and function. Before you pay you will see your key doing its job! Having a spare key is the difference between easy access and being stuck outside. Getting spare keys cut for your home or auto is a phone call away with our locksmith service. Call us today for a free estimate!


In today's digital world we have plenty of data in the cloud. Most people don't think that they can keep a copy of their key safely on Google Drive. As a matter of fact, this is actually a very clever way to keep your keys safe and secure. We do advise you encrypt this data before uploading it, and treating it as if it were an actual key. A security breach of the storage service you upload it to due to hacking or other compromises puts your keys at risk.  A professional locksmith will be able to cut a key based off a photo in most circumstances. Be sure to take clear, well-lit photos. Avoid shadows or blurring. A crisp photo of your key from the side showing all the cuts can save you time and money.


Giving a copy of your car or house key to a family member is common. It can really be a lifesaver in a tough situation. Lost or broken keys leaves you stranded and vulnerable. Unfortunately, many citizens don't have the close-knit neighbor relationship of days gone by, thus, having a family member an hour or so away, though they may have a key, is not always timely or convenient. Nonetheless, if you do have a trusted contact which you can leave a key with, this can save you big time in case of a broken car or house key. If you end up having lost all keys to your car, even if your friend can't make it, you could still ask them to send a photo and call your local UnlockItForMe locksmith service.

Ford Mustang Keys in Pelham, AL


As with the previous suggestion, this one definitely is a trust-based decision. Locksmiths are background checked, bonded and insured. Their fingerprints are on file with local, state and federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A locksmith would have to be a complete fool to “go rogue” and begin stealing cars or breaking into homes. It would take a good detective or police officer approximately 45 seconds to open and shut the case. A locksmith can keep an encoded version of your key on file. This way there is no photo to steal or lose. The information is documented in such a way that a non-locksmith or untrained individual is not able to do anything with the information. Assuming they even get their eyes or hands on it in the first place.


No matter what choice you go with. The important idea is that you go ahead and get a spare key made to your home, car or truck. Just like it costs much less to change your oil, instead of wait for it to fail and replace the engine. Having a spare key cut and programmed into your vehicle by a vehicle security professional at UnlockItForMe saves you money. Our locksmiths come directly to your location and cut and program transponder keys, and newer “smart keys” included with newer GM, Toyota and Nissan vehicles, coming soon to probably every car in the future. These smart keys can be costly at the dealership. UnlockItForMe can supply and program smart keys and intelligent keys for nearly all makes and models of vehicles equipped with push-button ignitions.


Keyless cars don’t mean you’re out of options

Today it is very common to push a button and get a result. The traditional car key, as you would expect it, has undergone a transformation. You see, over the years, many car companies have altered the ignition system on their vehicles. They do this, under the guise of security and convenience. Perhaps, they don’t. Maybe they just need a fresh or innovative product. At any rate, over the years, the little gadgets are known as “car keys” have evolved dramatically. In days gone by cars would feature a plain metal key. Insert this key into the ignition, give it a turn, and vroom! Well you see then the bad guys discovered that if you can copy that key, you can steal that car, therefore, something had to be done.

Security measures in car keys are needed

In the initial days of car anti-theft measures, you had VATS keys. Among others, VATS keys were a type of security key. The way they worked was simple. Once inserted into the ignition, the left and the right side of the key bridged a connection. A low voltage current then passes through the key. Inside of the key lives a special resistor. Upon leaving the resistor, the voltage remaining is measured by the cars computer. The computer was to see a very specific voltage before allowing the engine to crank.


Eventually, the technology was thoroughly used and exploited. the car manufacturers moved on to small computer chips capable of receiving and responding to a signal.These so-called transponder keys were implemented in vehicles as early as 1998 or sooner in some cases. Transponder keys are different than VATS keys. Transponder keys do not have a resistor. Instead, they contain small glass or carbon chips. On the ignition, there exists a special reader built into the car. When you insert the key into the ignition it activates the coil in the reader. When this coil sends out a signal, and the key is in the proper position, it responds to the vehicle. The key and immobilizer must be pre-matched. That is, you cannot simply cut any transponder key so that it turns the ignition and crank the vehicle. Programming transponder keys require special hardware, software, and intimate knowledge of immobilizer systems.


Locksmiths are cheaper than the dealership. Whatsmore, a locksmith will travel to your location. This eliminates the need for towing your vehicle to the shop. Cutting & programming of keys is done at your location. Some modern vehicles don’t have keys. At least…not traditional ones. According to an article by the Detroit News, as many as 72% of 2014 cars and trucks feature “keyless” push-button ignition. As with any technology, as more adopt it, it will increase in numbers, therefore keys will potentially vanish one day. Locksmiths know this and are adapting to fit in. You see, it’s still really a key. Just because you are calling it a fob, or a proximity remote, it’s still a key. Locksmiths have tools and technology to access the security systems of modern vehicles.


Programming a key to a 2005 Nissan Altima with a “real key” and programming a key to a 2015 Nissan Altima with Push Button Ignition, it’s the same thing. In fact, in a pinch, you can use an old 2005 Altima Style key on a newer Altima, as a result, you save hundreds not buying a “smart key”. Impossible? No! You see, repackaging an old product in “NEW!” or “REDESIGNED”, packages. This is true, especially in the case of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Most noteworthy, the Philips 46 Chip is implemented on Nissan vehicles 2005-2015, as a matter of fact. The Philips 46 chip is one of the most commonly used transponders in late model vehicles, therefore, a good locksmith always has some on hand. A locksmith can literally build a key. You simply get the correct key shell, insert the chip, cut the blade, then program to the vehicle.


UnlockItForMe 24 Hour Locksmith Service has 1 Goal. Help our customers in their time of need. We are here to serve you. We handle your locksmith needs as if you were a friend or family member.

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