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It seems like everything in our lives is connected to the internet. Our car gives us directions. Our
phone can tell us how tall a penguin is. The refrigerator tells our phone to have us buy milk. It’s fairly logical. Of course, smart locks that are connected. It’s really natural. There are, however, a lot of concerns in some circles with this new technology, just as there is with every other technology. It’s critical to remember that true security has an enemy number one. Convenience. First, though…

How does a Smart Lock Work?

The physical locking mechanism is just like the locks you have now. A bolt extends and retracts
into the door jamb to keep the door closed. The internal mechanism is usually identical to old-
school locks. In fact, most smart locks had a dumb key that can open it in times of need.
The place where the locks change is that there is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (or both) receiver and
transponder in the lock that your phone communicates with. In essence, you open an app on
your phone and tell the lock to open. A small motor will slide the bolt back and the door is
unlocked. Some of these smart locks also have a touch-keypad that allows you to type in a number to
unlock the door, in case you don’t have your phone with you. What’s more, it’s wise to select a keypad that offers mechanical key access. These days, the majority of smart locks include “security appropriate” physical keys and keyways. That is to say, they aren’t “easy” locks an amateur could open with a bobby pin.

What about Hackers and my Smart Locks?

It can happen. In fact, anything attached to the internet or using any type of radio waves can be
hacked or bricked. Hacking is getting into a system to either steal something or make changes. Hacking is what people are referring to when they talk about a data breach at the credit card company or on a
social media site. Bricking is when someone simply makes an electronic device useless. This happens to people’s phones a lot. In reality, the vast majority of the time, hacking and bricking happens due to the action of the carelessness of the owner. For example, a hacker will usually get in when the owner doesn’t
take advantage of all of the security protocols that are provided by the manufacturer. Usually, a
lock is bricked when the owner does something wrong, like entering a wrong code.
Most of these locks are hard to hack if you follow all of the instructions. So far, these locks aren’t
hugely popular in Alabama in general or in Huntsville, but we expect them to catch on quickly.

The Pros of Smart Locks

● The best part of smart locks is that if the kids get locked out, you can unlock the door
from anywhere. You don’t need to carry around more than your phone to get in and out
of the house.
● The codes on your phone or fob are encrypted, meaning they’re nearly impossible to
break. Even if someone gets your phone or the key fob, the code to enter your house is
encrypted so that they can see it.
● Smart lock codes are easy to share. If your sister comes into town while you’re at work,
you can give her the code and she can get in and out, even if you’re not there.
● Smart locks are just as strong as traditional locks. They are just as sturdy any other lock
you own.

The Cons of Smart Locks

● Batteries. You need charged batteries everywhere. If you phone doesn’t have a charge or you let the
batteries die in the lock, you’re out of luck. Being locked out of a smart lock is problematic.
● Emergency keys, for obvious reasons, can’t be in your house. If you don’t plan ahead to
have your keys someplace where you can get to them when the house is locked, you’re
standing outside.
● If you lose your phone or key fobs a lot, this might not be the right solution for you.
What you need to know about Smart Locks

Although smart locks have slowly increasing popularity in Auburn,  Birmingham or Huntsville yet, they will be. In truth, this is likely to be the technology of the future. The technology is new and might have some flaws, but so far, as long as they are properly installed, they aren’t any less effective than a traditional lock. Plus that have the remote control capabilities that can be awesome.

will it hack?

There’s a buzzword if there ever was one. Hacked. Hackers. Hacking. Seems like these days everyone is either a hacker or getting hacked. Why? Too many folks do not understand the technology they invite into their homes. Seemingly innocent devices invited into the home and placed on your network. These devices may or may not “see” the traffic from your computer that contains your sensitive credit card data and banking details. Not to mention your Amazon login information, etc. The internet of things can really bring about the vulnerability of things if not properly implemented in your home. Before connecting your smart locks to the internet, the average joe should probably call a pro. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that you cannot afford to do it wrong. Smart locks and other home technology should be used wisely and securely.

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