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Lock & Key Issues can Spoil Holiday Fun!

Let us be your #1 Locksmith!


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Travel Safe This Holiday Season!


The upcoming Fall and Winter Holidays represent the most fantastic time of the year!

No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. One thing will be common amongst us all. We will be traveling to and from near and far to be with loved ones. Therefore, lots of shuffling about, moving packages and parcels to and fro. Moreover, It can become immediately apparent all is not right on this silent night if the car keys disappear this could cause great fright! In fact, even if you DO lose your car keys on Christmas eve, or Santa loses the keys to the secure location he is keeping the high tech toys in! Locksmiths are never too far away! Alabama Locksmiths who are lock and key specialists are just a click or call away. To tell the truth, eight days is too long to wait for new car keys! We typically arrive within the hour and you’re on your way in less than 90 minutes.

Home and Auto Door Unlocking  Experts

Getting you in is what we do best! Locked out is no way to spend the holidays. Our licensed and insured locksmith service is your best bet to avoid freezing your Boston butts off! Lock picking isn’t what it appears on the silver screen of Hollywood dreams. Do you really want to fiddle around with paper clips when it’s cold outside and the turkey is in the oven? An Alabama locksmith will come out to your home, and after verifying we are dealing with someone who in fact does have the authority to request entry to the location or vehicle in question, we will work diligently to restore your rightful access! When rendering their services, professional locksmiths will not damage or mar your door and lock hardware.

Beware of “low ball” offers to unlock your vehicle. It’s a common practice of “bait and switch” scammers to offer a $19 Locksmith Service. Later you find out that’s not the entire story. Hire a licensed Alabama locksmith service


Smart Keys are Great Stocking Stuffers!

Nothing quite beats the gift of a new set of wheels for Christmas. Particularly, a new car. In fact, a new car will not fit under the Christmas tree. as an illustration, most thoughtful givers will box the car keys up or place them in a box inside of the stocking hung by the fire with care. Many times a new or used vehicle will only come with one set of keys. We can provide replacement and duplicate car keys. Furthermore, our prices are approximately half of what consumers pay at the dealership. For example, a traditional Toyota Smart Key purchased at the dealership is around $300. Including all respective labor and services to “walk out working”. That is to say, be wise about how much you pay. Don’t give your hard-earned cash away.

We will get you on your way with new car keys!

Lost Car Keys

Car Keys get lost. This happens for so many reasons. Most people never see any of them coming! Furthermore, Several customers this year have even flushed the keys down the toilet! Can you imagine!? Keys fell out of the boat into the lake? No Floaty? One customer had her keys fall down a storm sewer and decided she better phone a locksmith after her son spent hours with a fishing pole in a fruitless attempt to catch the keys.

Dodge Ram Fobik Key

Broken Bent Cracked Car Keys

If Santa sits on your car keys it’s likely to be bad news. But even if your car keys get run over by a reindeer, all hope isn’t lost and there is no need to cancel Christmas! Did you know: If you have a broken or damaged car key, often times the locksmith can still make a copy even though it’s bent? Key duplication is cheaper than a total key origination. Most locksmiths in Alabama pass this discount on to you as you’ve come to expect the southern hospitality!

Lost House Keys

Baby, it’s cold outside! Don’t shoot your eye out trying to poke prod and pry on that door! Call a professional Alabama locksmith. We will help you get into your house quicker than jack frost can nip your nose. We pride ourselves in a 99% “No Drill” entry. For instance, we typically come out, unlock your door, and leave the lock and lock hardware intact and fully functional just as if we had never even been there. That’s professional.

UnlockItForMe Alabama Locksmith Lock Key

Stolen Purses 

Nothing is worse than being robbed or mugged. Except perhaps discovering that you now have no way to drive your car, and no way to get in your house. To make matters an order of magnitude worse – the criminal has both and your ID has your home address on it! What on earth are you going to do to ensure your car and home are not burglarized, vandalized, or worse! Relax! Pour yourself a glass of eggnog while we come to your home and re-key your locks, ensuring that the old stolen key is just a cold piece of brass not a free pass into your home. Modern vehicles utilize transponder and smart key technology in their car keys. So we can “change the password” and wipe out the old stolen car keys that the crook thinks he’s going to use later to drive away in your sweet ride.

Locksmiths can repair burglary install new lock hardware

Robbery / Burglary Restoration

So you came home to discover your lock was busted and your door is wide open. Of course, you need to call and make a police report for your insurance, but what about fixing up this mess? What about making sure it never happens again? Our team of licensed Alabama locksmiths will rush out to your location and install new lock hardware and security devices to make sure you lock up tight for the night. Peace of mind can be hard to find, but it’s just a phone call away here at UnlockItForMe LLC where we do so much more than unlock doors! Let us know how we can serve you! Give us a call today! 888-404-5397.

Locked out of Sentry Safe Fire King

UnlockItForMe LLC is a Licensed and Insured Alabama Locksmith Company. As such we are registered with SentrySafe and are able to assist you the customer with lost keys and combinations to your SentrySafe Products. Please have proof of ownership available and give us a call at 888-404-5397


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