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Ford MyKey


Ford MyKey
A Ford Mustang Smart Key which has been configured as a MyKey Admin key

MyKey System Basics

MyKey lets you to create keys with restricted vehicle profiles that encourage good driving habits. Additionally all but one of your keys can be designated to a restrictive profile. However, keys that remain unprogrammed become admin keys. These keys can be used to:

  • Create a MyKey.
  • Program custom key settings.
  • Clear all MyKey features.

After a MyKey is created, you may use the information display to determine:

  • Total number of admin keys and MyKeys programmed into your vehicle.
  • Mileage your vehicle has traveled using a programmed key.

Additional tips to allow you to promptly set up your MyKey:

  • The vehicle must be on to configure MyKey.
  • Keys cannot be individually programmed. Keys are programmed to the same restrictions and settings.
  • On vehicles equipped with push-button start, when both a MyKey remote transmitter and an admin remote transmitter are present, the vehicle will default to the admin remote transmitter’s settings when switching inside the vehicle.


Drivers stumble upon this feature by accident. Moreover, they enable it expecting added benefits. However, once they discover sets a hard speed limit they frequently desire it turned off post-haste. Deactivating keys once they have been programmed presents a challenge to the average driver. Therefore, if you only have one key take the opportunity to invest in a second key to your vehicle. The team of locksmiths here is very familiar with the systems in the vehicle and can get your keys working the way you want them to. Call now to discuss your needs!

Ford MyKey Admin Key

Ford MyKey Disable Process

You must have an admin key or key fob to initialize the disable process.

  1. Turn on the vehicle (engine off)
  2. Access the main menu via the steering-wheel DIC controls
  3. Choose “Settings” on the main menu, followed by the “MyKey” option
  4. Under “MyKey,” choose the “Clear MyKey” selection.
  5. Click and hold the “Clear MyKey” option until “All MyKeys Cleared” is displayed

"I programmed my only key"

Drivers commonly report this to us. Programmed your only working key with this feature? No worries. This is a frequent mistake. Assistance is not far away. Unfortunately will require a second key to rectify the situation. Luckily we have the know-how. Resolving this issue will require a locksmith must cut and program the second key for you. Moreover, It is an easy and painless fix. Local service in your area makes it convenient. The price is not exorbitant when compared to dealerships.

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How Do You Disable This Setting

It's a useful parental control feature for new drivers. Set vehicle speed minders, audio controls, and restriction settings. Obviously, the system encourages responsible driving behaviors, promoting learning and adherence to good safety habits. But what if you inadvertently enable this setting and wish to undo it? If you have two keys you may be in luck. Otherwise, a call to a locksmith may be needed. Especially if your only key has been programmed and you have no admin key. If you happen to be in possession of an admin key simply start your car with the admin key, click through to the “MyKey” menu, then explore and select the features you wish to adjust. Call our service department if you have any problems resetting features. Didn't work? Need Help? Give us a call if you have any problems resetting features.

Lock & Key Service for Most Ford Vehicles

Vehicles today have a lot of features. many of these can be controlled remotely. Customers often take delivery of a vehicle with only one car key available to them. Issues arise having only one set of car keys. UnlockItForMe is a local locksmith operating in Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville, Gulf Shores, and Mobile Alabama, as well as surrounding areas. We provide locksmith services which include replacing lost keys, cutting and programming spare keys, and selling and programming keyless entry remotes! Check out the About Us page to learn more or Contact Us to get service today! Choose a Locksmith with Experience. No need to add the expense and have the vehicle towed to the dealership for this issue. Mobile service resolves this issue on-site at your location. Busy working? On-site service comes to you. Locksmiths show up at your residence or place of employment to provide the services you require.

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