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261 Lock & Key


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261 Lock & Key Is a Service of UnlockItForMeTM
A Licensed Alabama Locksmith Company.

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My Keys are Locked in My Car - What do I do?
We’ve all done it. We leave the keys sitting on the passenger seat or in the ignition and we
close the car door. As the sound of the door slamming hits our ears our brain realizes that those
keys are in the car and we can’t get back into the car without them. Yet there lie the keys...just taunting you.
Ok. So what now?
If you look online, you’ll see a lot of advice on ways that you can get into your car.
Typically, a locksmith will use a small wedge and a special tool to manipulate the lock open. It seems so
simple that there are articles and video all over the internet. Does this mean you should undertake the task of unlocking your own car door? Probably not. It is not impossible to unlock a vehicle yourself. Doing so without costly damage to paint or glass requires specialized tools that typically aren't available.

Why you shouldn’t open your own doors

There are several different reasons that this is a bad idea:
The first problem is that it isn’t nearly as simple as it looks. Pulling the doors open might be
relatively easy, but having the right tool for your car is an important part of this project. If you
need a loop at the end and you don’t have it, you’ve done a lot of work for nothing.
The second and more important issue is that you can permanently damage your car if you don’t
know what you’re doing. If, for example, your car doors don’t have a frame, you can snap off the
window. If it does have a steel frame, you can permanently bend the door. Even the slightest
gap can let rain in.

You need a locksmith like 261 Lock & Key to open your car door

If you can do it yourself, why hire a locksmith to do? Firstly, they know the best way to unlock
your doors. Secondly, they have the right tools to get the job done. Thirdly, and more
importantly, if something goes wrong they have the insurance to cover the problem.
At 261 Lock & Key, every one of our UnlockItForMeTM locksmiths is insured in his or her own right, as well as insurance for the company as a whole. If something goes wrong your auto insurance won’t go
up.Let the professionals do it. Advice from the internet is nice for making cupcakes, but your car is
too valuable to be trying to mess around with by yourself.


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