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Birmingham Locksmith Services

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Birmingham Locksmith
Unlock It For Me


  • Auto Lockouts and Car Door Unlocking
  • Digital Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)
  • Key Extraction – Remove broken key from Ignition/Door
  • New Keys Made (VATS and Transponders)
  • Remotes & Fobs for “Push to Start” vehicles
  • Residential Locks Installed & Re-Keyed
  • Locks Changed/installed

UnlockItForMe provides our locksmith service in these areas in the Greater Birmingham Area: Adamsville, Alabaster, Birmingham, Cahaba Heights, Center Point, Clay, Chalkville, Crestwood, Dolomite, Downtown, Eagle Point, East Lake, Ensley, Fairfield, Five Points, Forestdale, Fultondale, Gardendale, Greystone, Helena, Highland Lakes, Homewood, Hoover, Hueytown, Inverness, Irondale, Lakeshore, Lee Branch, Midfield, Minor, Mountain Brook, Mt. Laurel, Mulga, Narrows, North Birmingham, Pelham, Pinson, Pratt City, Roebuck, Shoal Creek, Southside, Tarrant City, Trussville, Vestavia, West End, Woodlawn, and the rest of the greater Birmingham area.

Offering the Best Birmingham Locksmith experience

UnlockItForMe offers a complete set of locksmith services in Birmingham, AL for your auto, home, and business. Our locksmiths will rekey your locks We repair faulty locks. We install new hardware. We will make a copy of existing keys, or originate new ones if you’ve lost them all. Be sure you're secure. Call a professional locksmith today! UnlockItForMe has been serving Birmingham, Alabama with excellent locksmith services since 2008. Our team of locksmiths knows just what to do to take care of your problems.

  • Lost your key? We will cut you a new one!
  • We Program Transponder keys and Remotes
  • Re-Flash Computer for Lexus, Toyota, Honda & More
  • High-Security Automotive Keys
  • Keys Duplicated & Cloned
  • Re-Key locks for your home or business
  • OEM Quality Products & State of The Art Tools
  • Emergency Locksmith Service

Locksmith Services for your Residence In Birmingham, Alabama.

If you just moved into a new home or condo, you should consider having the locks re-keyed. Want more security? Installing intrusion prevention can help you ensure ultimate security. Do you currently have 2 or more keys to your home? Let us get all your locks keyed alike for your security and convenience. The locksmith can even provide routine preventative maintenance to your locks to ensure smooth operation for the life of your home. Being locked out of your home is miserable. Our locksmiths can provide you duplicate house keys to avoid this. However, when you do become locked out we are always there to let you back in. Our lockout service is available 24 hours a day in Birmingham, AL. Call us to be connected with a professional locksmith who lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area and has the expertise to solve your lockout.

Transponder Keys & Remotes

Today’s car keys are high-tech. Much more than a shaped piece of metal. Inside your key lies a miniature transmitter and receiver. This device has caused the biggest change to the automotive locksmith industry in recent years. Vehicles have engine management systems which recognize the signals transmitted from the key. These signals are like a password. If you enter the wrong password you can’t crank the vehicle. Many dealerships often charge exorbitant rates to cut and program transponder and proximity keys. Our locksmiths can take care of the service at a much lower price, and same day on many occasions. We are the trustworthy locksmith you need in Birmingham, AL that is ready and able to assist you.

Unlock it For Me’s Locksmith Services in Birmingham, AL can get a technician out to cut and program your vehicle with a new transponder key! Typically it takes less than 60 minutes to cut & program most vehicle transponder keys. Unlock It For Me is the go-to Birmingham Locksmith we also serve the surrounding areas. Our Technicians are background checked, licensed & insured.

High-Security Keys Cut & Programmed In Birmingham, AL

Unlock it For Me automotive locksmiths in Birmingham, AL provides on-scene key replacement services. There is absolutely no need to have your vehicle towed. The dealership may try to tell you “you must bring your car into us”. This is not the case with most modern vehicles keys. Push to start vehicles, and even Chrysler fob keys are easy to replace. UnlockItForMe delivers the best OEM quality parts and professional locksmith service to your location, same day in most cases. Many folks may not realize that their car utilizes high security locks. Many manufacturers such as Honda and Lexus have been using high security car keys for years. Typically these keys are easy to identify as the outside edges of the key are smooth, with the cuts made on the inside edges. Chevrolet, as well as KIA and Hyundai also employ High-Security keys.

Ignitions Replaced & Keys Reprogrammed

Recognize that Unlock it For Me is not a mechanic service. Typically we do not do ignition changes. There are some vehicles where we are able to pick the ignition and remove the ignition cylinder. We do have the ability to refer you to a provider for the actual ignition replacement, then we will be able to assist you with the programming of new car keys. There are certain vehicles we can offer ignition repair for.

  • Honda Ignition Service & Repair
  • Reflash ECU for lost keys
  • Ford Parameter Reset
  • Chrysler/Dodge WINS Module

Did You Know Locksmiths In Birmingham Alabama can perform Ford Passive Anti-Theft System Relearn Procedures

Ford Securilock or Passive Anti-Theft Systems, also called “PATS” is a feature introduced on 1996 and later Ford vehicles to enhance vehicle security. When you replace the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on a PATS-equipped vehicle, you must perform a parameter reset or the relearn procedure must be performed after the PCM is installed. We have the diagnostic equipment needed to perform the relearn procedure!

Smart Keys & Proximity Keys – Not “Dealer Only”

Don't be fooled Birmingham! Modern push to start vehicles such as Nissan, Toyota & Many other vehicle manufacturers have begun using Smart or “intelligent” keys. Commonly the consumer is lead to believe that a locksmith cannot program these devices. We are in fact able to program keys to Nissan Altima, Toyota Prius, as well many other modern vehicles too. Most often the experience you have with our locksmith service in Birmingham, Alabama will save you money. Common charges at the dealer for a proximity or smart key can easily exceed $300. Let us Save you money on your keys! Call us, please!

ECU Reflashing Service For Toyota/Lexus And Acura/Honda

On some early model vehicles, so-called, type 1 with a few manufacturers, did not allow the option to rewrite immobilizer data via the onboard diagnostic (OBD-II) port. As such, it is required that you physically remove the part from the vehicle and perform a reflash service on the computer chips inside. This ECU reflash refreshes the computer to an out of the box state, allowing new keys to be programmed in. Of course, with the method, should you find your old keys they are removed from the system and will not crank the vehicle. It is possible to add them back into the system in most situations. Dealerships charge thousands of dollars for this service. Plus you are required to have the vehicle towed into the shop for the service. Locksmiths are the cheaper option! Give us a call for a free estimate!

Laser Cut Keys Sold Here In Birmingham AL!

Locksmiths are able to cut new high security “laser” or sidewinder keys, commonly featured on 2002+ Honda Vehicles, Lexus Vehicles, Volkswagen & more. The name is actually a misnomer, the keys are not cut by a beam of light. Laser cut keys are keys that require laser-like precision and do not feature “plunge cuts” which leave sharp or rough points on the key. UnlockItForMe has a machine capable of cutting this type of key for your home or automobile. It is common for Honda and Lexus Key shells to break. Let us help you with replacement and the cutting of the key blade to match your vehicle.

“High Performance” House Keys

Don't think laser accuracy is only great for cars. There's a reason for the precision, and that reason is smooth key insertion and removal. Ask us how a laser cut key can offer a “high performance” key experience for your home locks. As mentioned above, some residential keys have cuts that make them difficult to insert or remove. The locksmiths we have in Birmingham, AL can issue you a laser cut house key that operates as smooth as can be. Ask us about having your locks rekeyed to ensure a smooth and secure operation of the lock. If your locks are difficult to operate, let us take a look at them for you!

Providing Help With Insecure Situations

Sometimes in life in Birmingham, AL, situations arise, lines are crossed, and decisions have to be made to ensure safety. Living in fear is no longer an option. Take control of your security today. If you are dealing with a situation where Our team of professional locksmiths will re-key the locks of your home to invalidate any keys others may hold. If there has been a history or fear of the use of force, our locksmiths can install intrusion prevention devices to negate the risk of doors being kicked in. These types of door kick in prevention devices have been tested by police and the public, check out the videos online. Members of our staff have close relationships with Jefferson & Shelby County Sheriff's deputies and we work with them on many occasions to secure properties and handle eviction proceedings. We're here to help! Give us a call!

Digital Surveillance And Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your Birmingham Alabama home, even when you're not! More than just locksmith services. Our team can install wireless, wired, or digital IP cameras at your property. Equipped with the latest camera and lens technology you won't miss a thing. Video motion detection alerts you the second a would be intruder steps onto your property. Need to know exactly what time the kids came home? You will. Be confident your porch is secure for carriers to leave packages. Give us a call to assess your CCTV needs.
We install only the best brands of security cameras and will let you pick your own.

Emergecy Locksmith Service

Stranded because you have lost your car keys? Purse was stolen with your keys to your home and car inside!?! We deliver professional assistance to take care of this multitude of issues. Our locksmiths can replace your home and auto keys with ease. Additionally, we will re-key the locks to ensure the stolen keys do not work your locks and allow entry to your home.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

In addition to automotive lockout services we offer:

  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Vehicle Jump Starts
  • Fuel Delivery

We will send a technician out to replace your flat tire with a good spare*, jump start your vehicle if you are having trouble starting it, as well as bring you up to 2 gallons of fuel if you have run out of gas. UnlockItForMe partners with local providers in the Birmingham Area to get you roadside assistance when you need it most.

UnlockItForMe Locksmith in Birmingham, AL


Locksmith Services in Birmingham, AL
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We can have a trained locksmith technician to your location in as little as 15 minutes to quickly get your home or vehicle unlocked for a low flat rate without any damage. We also make car keys!