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What are Restricted Keyway Locks?

Ever been shopping at a large box store and noticed a kiosk for getting a key copied? This may not seem like a threat to the average Joe. To a business owner or security specialist, these quick, convenient options represent a threat to physical security. Obviously, you don't want just anyone accessing your business.  After all, what is the point of locking the door if bad actors are able to acquire a copy of the key? Restricted lock & key systems are designed to enhance physical security. This helps prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. The majority of lock systems with restricted keyways feature a key that is licensed or authorized only to one locksmith or group of locksmiths in a given locale. Furthermore, these systems often require more scrutiny and require keyholders to be registered, often having credentials on file. This ensures that keys can only be obtained by authorized individuals.

Beef up security with Restricted Keyway Locks & Keys

What are High-Security Locks?

If you're reading this, you've no doubt heard stories about lock bumping and other methods of gaining entry. Unfortunately, a number of businesses around the State of Alabama employ sub-par locks. This leaves them vulnerable to forced entry, bypass attacks, and more. Just ask anyone who's ever been a victim. Just because the alarm goes off and the police get called, there is no guarantee you won't see massive losses. Harden your defenses and prevent the breach before it occurs. High-Security locks employ designs that are not easily manipulated with commonly available objects, including most standard lock picks. Many options are plug-and-play. One visit from our locksmith can beef up your security.


How can a Locksmith help me?

Our team of licensed and insured locksmiths will custom tailor a system to fit your home or business needs. Our locksmith installs unique locks with custom-crafted cylinders designed to only accept our specific keys! Each system is carefully designed and checked by hand, ensuring quality performance. Any number of keys are available upon request, however only authorized individuals are allowed to request and obtain keys. In the event you do have to let a member of the team go, you can rest assured knowing when they return their key, they don't have any lingering copies. Additionally, you don't have to pull your hair out worrying about any keys which are not returned because we can simply re-calibrate the combination of your locks, essentially changing the password. Sometimes is best to leave it to a professional. If thats' how you feel, give us a call today to discuss your options!

I want keys that cannot be duplicated.

There's an old adage, where there's a will there's a way. Technically there aren't any keys that 100% cannot be duplicated. under any conditions. High Security and Restricted access lock and key systems employ numerous obstacles which thwart upwards of 90% of attempts. To create a duplicate key, a blank is required. Restricted keys are not sold to the general public. In reality, most attempts would be stopped by the Locksmith who requires a photo ID and a presence on a pre-approved "White List".  Suffice it to say unless someone has serious connections and clearance, restricted keyways are a great measure of security for homes, small and medium businesses, and even large corporations. Of course, depending on the scale of your operation you may find other keyless high security access control solutions more appealing. Give us a call to discuss your best options!

My Key says "Do Not Duplicate" Isn't that enough?

You want the truth right? I could lie to you and say that having a key with the words "Do Not Duplicate" inscribed thereon would offer some layer of defense. In recent years in fact they did offer "some" protection. If an honest box store employee sees a key that bears this inscription, he or she may decline to provide the service. On the other hand, they may simply overlook or ignore it. When security matters, you need to prevent duplication. Automated Red-Box style Kiosks copy keys in minutes without asking any questions. High-Security lock and key systems could be considered an analog version of 2FA or Encryption because you need additional information than what you physically have to create a duplicate. Traditional keys are the equivalent of leaving your password on a sticky note at your desk. Easy to read, easy to copy. Ask us about high security options!

Do Not Duplicate Keys are look awesome but may offer little real world protection
High Security Lock Hardware can add more peace of mind per dollar spent on security measures.

Peace of Mind. Priceless

High security hardware is more than shaped pot-metal slapped on a door. Lock packs available in hardware stores, home improvement centers, etc are made of thin, weak metals. ANSI Grade 1 and 2 Locks provide hardened protection. This can be invaluable against brute force attacks. In addition to this, you also get duplication prohibition. This is because local home improvement stores and hardware shops are not allowed to sell these types of keys to the general public. Furthermore, area locksmiths who are at liberty to distribute and install these systems are bound by contracts. There is a code of honor among these professionals. Moreover, there are harsh consequences if locksmiths are caught cutting other locksmiths' restricted blanks. Breaches of contract are taken seriously in the industry.