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Unlock It For Me is able to offer Forensic Locksmith services to Commercial Businesses and Government Entities


Destructive Entry Methods are considerably obvious, and lets face it, you probably won't need to call someone with a PHD to determine that your door has or has not been kicked in...Other methods can be a little more puzzling such as wrenching of a lock, or less puzzling, such as breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Destructive entry typically indicates you are dealing with an individual or group thereof, who has little skill and knowdledge, thus, defaults to brute force.

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It takes a considerable amount of skill to perform a covert entry on a residential or commericial lock. Subsequently, it takes a trained eye to observe and detect signs of covert entry. By definition, covert entry will leave some evidence, but may not be visible upon "wide view" inspection, or by an untrained eye. Everything may seem to "be in place" to an unwitting bystander. A trained forensic locksmith can locate and identify the telltale signs of methods such as bump keys, loiding the latch, (the credit card trick shown off commonly in movies), spreading the frame, or even removal and subsequent reinstallation of the window trim! It will most certainly take some skill and knowledge to pick up these types of entry methods.


When care is taken to not leave traces or somebody with a skillset of unlocking locks or bypassing security features enters a premise or gains access in a less that obvious way. Our Trained Forensic Locksmiths can help determine What methods were used and what evidence was left behind. This evidence is usually much less obvious and may require dissassembly or the use of forensic tools.

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Not very far into the past, crime scene investigators were required to locate the smoking gun to secure a suspect conviction. In the present day, they merely need to locate the smoke. You might not think about calling a locksmith to a crime scene but there are many ways we can assist in collecting crucial trace and latent evidence which can be crucial to your case. Simply because there are no signs of forced entry, this doesn't always mean no signs of attempted or even successfully gained entry. Anyone can see if a door has been kicked in, but did you know that in many cases an insurance company may deny a claim for burglary if there are no signs or evidence of entry? If your high school neighbor picks the lock and takes off with your valuable herb collection (We're talking Rosemary and Basil Here, this is a family company) you may have no case in court if you are unable to prove how they got in without breaking anything. The insurance company will simply claim you must have given him a key to house sit because there are no signs of tampering or damages. Aside from being a great reason to have a one of our professional Alabama locksmiths re-key your home, or install high-security locks, know that we have the industry experience to know if locks have been tampered with or bypassed. Forensic evidence such as tool marks on locks internal parts can clearly illustrate to an insurance company a lock was tampered with and potentially bypassed or "jimmied" Perhaps you need a threat assessment of a new property to learn about the in's and out's and secure them so you know who moves about.

Our Forensic team is able to determine methods of entry that are less obvious than blatant destructive methods like kicking of the door, smashing the lock or prying. We can inspect locks for signs covert entry such as bump keys, lock picking, lock bypass attempts, spreading the frame or removing/ re-installing doors or windows. Many types of surreptitious entry methods leave forensic evidence such as microscopic tool marks which are undetectable to the untrained eye or magnification. Unlock It For Me's Investigative Locksmiths can help with Automotive, Residential, Commercial and even Safe & Vault analyzing. If you are a Government agency or Insurance agency looking for a qualified locksmith to assess anything related to locks please give us a call. We will work closely with your agency to maintain chain of custody and preserve any evidence.

Our team of forensic locksmiths is trained to work with crime scene investigators to preserve evidence and respect chain of custody.