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Fobik Remote #1

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Fobik Remote Key For Chrysler Dodge & Jeep

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Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep fobik key

fobik key remote compatible with select vehicles

If your fobik key has stopped working or you are getting a “bad key” message on your vehicle dashboard. A Fobik Key Replacement is the most common fix. This Fobik Key is “Universal” among Jeep Chrysler Dodge Products that use this key style. Please note if your vehicle is equipped with KeylessGo (What?)
This will not work as expected. You will need to remove the start button and use the physical ignition switch found behind it. This key is compatible with the following Jeep Chrysler Dodge Vehicles:

There is no manual on board procedure to program a keyless remote to this vehicle. This vehicle requires special equipment be connected to the vehicle to program the remote.

Dodge Ram (2009-2012)
Dodge Grand Caravan(2008-2017)
Dodge Magnum (2008-2008)
Dodge Journey (2008-2011)
Dodge Durango (2011-2013)
Dodge Caravan (2008-2017)
Chrysler Town & Country(2008-2016)
Volkswagen Routan (2009-2012)

What is Keyless Go?
Keyless Go is a Feature on Select Chrysler Jeep Dodge Vehicles, where you can approach, unlock, enter and crank the vehicle without having the key in hand. This utilizes a special radio chip inside the key fob. This key is not equipped with that radio chip. If your vehicle has a push button start button ignition, do not purchase this item and please call us at 888-404-KEYS

Weight4 oz
Technical Specifications

BUTTONS: Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Panic

*Note – For Vehicles equipped with KeylessGo/Push Button Ignition vs Keyed Ignition, you will need to remove the start button, this key will not operate with the KeylessGo Feature.


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